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FAQ's - I hope to answer most of the questions you would ask me about my services on this page.

When to book your wedding hair? If you like my work and would like me for your wedding then book after the decision is made, 2021 is busy already and my 2022 diary is staring to fill too. Saturdays go very quickly followed closely behind by Fridays. 

How do I book? Fill in my online form here or email/call me to check my availability. All bookings are done by email so we both have a copy of the details and information discussed between us etc. A £50 booking fee is required to confirm the date, this cost will cover the hair trial cost.

What happens once I am booked in with you? Once the deposit has been paid and confirmed receipt sent to you, an approx time will be set to when the hair trial should be scheduled. After the trial is complete, times etc will be set for the wedding day and a few days before the event I will contact you to confirm times again and check all is going well.

What do I need for the hair trial? Pictures - Pinterest is great for this, lots of pics help, bring a picture of your wedding dress, veil, tiara etc, if you have the smaller items bring them with you. The more you bring the better idea you will give me on the type of wedding and the look you need and want.

What happens on the wedding day? Before the day, between myself and the bride we will have a start time and a rough guide to when each person is needed for hair. Everyone who is having there hair done will need to wear a zip or button top. All blow drys, will need to wash hair and leave damp ready for styling. Hair up - needs to be dry and clean. Washed hair the day before or the morning of the wedding is fine. All products and equipment is provided by myself. * Please do not use GHD's on hair the morning of the wedding*

 Is there a time limit for the hair trial- I set no time limit at the trial, I'm yours until your 100% happy with the style you have chosen, a rough guide to how long a trial takes is between 1-2 hours.

How many people can have there hair done? Depending on the time of the wedding, the max is 10 people. All hair should be done with at least an hour left to get dressed, relax and take a deep breath!

Do you work with hair pieces and extensions? I work with all types of extensions and clip hair and hair pieces are very popular to add length and volume. Alot of the updo's I have done have clip hair in it and you wouldn't even know.

Do you work with makeup artists? I come across many different artists and the mornings always run smoothly. When i turn up i will chat with your makeup artist to work out our best plan for the morning. If i know the makeup artist I will contact her before the day to sort this out. I can recommend a makeup artist as I work with some fab ones regularly.